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“Misvele”, founded in 1999 as a family company, offers a wide range of products with a variety of machines for home cleaning textiles. Misvele, which has always stood out for its reliability, has a long-term trade relationship with the largest cleaning companies in Turkey. With an innovative approach in line with its great goals, it is increasing its investments in the personnel staff and production line day by day.

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“Misvele”, thanks to its many years of textile machinery expertise, has information about the technical details and manufacturing of many products on the market. Through advanced automation production lines, it can produce quality products in a short time and with little cost. Thanks to its years of experience, it is one of the few companies that has managed to combine engineering and aesthetics.

For our clients

As of today, Misvele is still continuing its studies with the Technical University and is making efforts for the consumer to achieve the best result. It believes that it will decently carry out various R & D studies to be carried out in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

Test and R&D Studies

Misvele firm has started to cooperate with German Textile Technical University (TITV-Greiz) since 2008. As a result of the fiber and strength tests performed on certain products by the Technical University, it has been approved that the products it produces have high standards. As a result of this approval, it has been entitled to use the quality approval stamp of the Technical University.

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