As Misvele, we are very honored to meet you at Interclean Amsterdam. We introduced our products to our visitors and gave advice about how to improve their own products. Misvele always keep up with innovation and work on different products. We strive to produce our products in a way that is suitable for recycling by caring about nature. We made friends from all over the world in this magnificent fair. You are invited to drink our coffee at our next fair.



We Have Marked CMS Berlin 2011!


Effective Solution for Viruses and BacteriaA solution to the coronavirus that has affected the world has also come from “Misvele“. As usual, it managed to stay one step ahead with the moist mop varieties with antibacterial properties that it had developed. “Misvele“ stated that there are especially public transportation areas and hospitals as application areas, and expressed that there is a high demand for the product.We Have Marked CMS Berlin 2011! CMS Berlin Fair, which is the largest international organization in the world in 2011 in its sector, was held in Berlin, Germany on September 20 – 23 with the participation of 650 companies, most of which are manufacturers from Turkey, and about 35 thousand commercial buyers from all over the world. Misvele participated in the event, which is considered to be the biggest fair of 2011 in its sector in the world. Mainly, domestic and international wholesaler & retailer organizations, professional purchasing committees, independent retailers, dealers and distributors, chain store buyers, hotel & restaurant operators, international trade companies and catering & organization companies participated in this fair. As usual, “Misvele” brought itself to the fore at this international fair. At this important fair, it exhibited the quality approval stamp it received from TITV-Greiz University in 2011 and attracted great attention. Known for taking important steps in the sector, Misvele brought itself to the fore in this fair as well. Our Engineer is in Technical Training! Our staff, who work as mechatronics engineers within our company and are experts in automation systems, have successfully completed the technical trainings they have participated in. Another Innovation from Misvele, Again a Success! It ist o say that coming to the forefront with its tests and analyzes, Misvele managed to make a name for itself in the sector again. Focusing on damp mopping, the company achieved a successful result from its joint work with German Textile Technical University (TITV-Greiz), one of the leading universities in the textile industry. Various fiber and friction tests performed on these mops proved that the products produced by the company are in European standards. As a result of this success, Misvele was entitled to use the university’s quality approval stamp on its products.